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Accelerate your cloud engineering teams by building on top of pre-configured, documented, and tested Infrastructure as Code blueprints so your engineers can focus on building.

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Discover dozens of easy to deploy and customize blueprints

We build scaling platforms

Our team of cross-functional consultants integrate cloud and platform engineering with developer experience and self-service to create scaling cloud platforms, workflows, and tools that enable delivery teams to focus on building. We are all in cloud and Kubernetes.

Case Studies

Selected client stories

How we enabled Suitepad to innovate faster

Learn how we enabled Suitepad to innovate faster by building a fully automated, self-service, and cloud-native platform on AWS.

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ModelManagement is building the leading model booking platform on Google Cloud

Learn how ModelManagement built their cloud-native platform on Google Cloud with the Mineiros Landing Zone and Service Catalog for Google Cloud.

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Build on top of our powerful solutions

GitHub as Code

A comprehensive Terraform Blueprint with fully automated CI/CD that enables users to request changes such as on- and off-boarding of users, repositories, branch protections, secrets and more through code.

Google Cloud Landing Zone as Code

A baseline to get started with multi-project architecture, identity and access management, governance, data security, network design, logging, and more.

80+ Open Source Projects

We love open source. That's why we maintain more than 80 open-source projects. Take a look in our GitHub organization.